SmartPack Mobile | Self Storage | Storage | South Windham, CT
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801 Windham Rd (Rt 32)

South Windham, CT

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SmartPack storage units in a lot SmartPack unit in the front of a house

If you would rather not have to ask others to help you get moved and get your items to storage, then we have a solution for you.


SmartPack Mobile Self Storage allows you to pack and lock your belongings at your property. Once your items are packed and locked up, give us a call - we'll pick it up and store your things for you.

Pack at your own pace

and we will pick up your items

Our climate-controlled facility helps protect your belongings

We treat your belongings like royalty. Our ceilings and walls are properly insulated to allow the humidity levels to be controlled. This is great for furniture storage, and it helps the air temperature stay warmer inside when it is cold outside. We offer a racking system for sofa storage, which helps it keep its shape and eliminates pressure damage.

  • Keep your possessions safe

  • Pack at your convenience

  • Humidity control to protect your things

  • Prices you can afford

  • Racking systems for furniture storage

  • Ground level loading

No need to leave your home to store your belongings


Call us today to get your SmartPack Mobile service started: